Vintage Robyn’s Hood – The Book

Adult Children of Elvis Fanatics; The Best of Robyn’s Hood…so far

elvis coverHaving grown up with a mom who still mourns the death of Elvis Presley, Robyn McCloskey, weekly newspaper columnist of “Robyn’s Hood” learned early on that you can’t take life too seriously. With a keen sense of irony, Robyn takes her favorite columns and publishes them in anthology form, unedited, untouched and unapproved. Read all about what life is like when you’re the daughter of an Elvis Fanatic, the wife of a pastor (don’t tell Robyn that God doesn’t have a sense of humor), and how being a mom can drive you to the brink of insanity. You’ll also read a tale or two of what it’s like in the glamorous world of working as an extra in movies and rubbing elbows (and not much else) with the rich and famous, because sadly, so far background work pays better than writing. Seriously…life is funny.

Robyn writes with heart and humor – and a great sense of the possibilities in life’s adventures. Enjoy these stories. She’s writing about all of us. Jeffrey Zaslow, Chicago Sun-Times and Wall Street Journal columnist. NY Times best-selling author; The Girls from Ames, Highest Duty; My Search for What Really Matters, co-author of Randy Pausch’s The Last Lecture and Gabriel Giffords & Mike Kelly’s Gabby: A Story of Courage and Hope.

Three years before his tragic and untimely death I had the great privilege of meeting and getting to know the gracious and talented Jeffrey Zaslow. I was overwhelmed by his generosity of spirit as well as his encouraging words to me both personally and professionally. He was a deservedly beloved man and I will forever be grateful for his kindness towards me.
Jeffrey Zaslow 1958-2012

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