Live Love Period

It all started with what seemed like an innocuous conversation. I was talking with my friend Jay, who was bragging about his wife and how she has this amazing capacity to show unconditional love. When my wife loves you, you know it, were his sweet words. He went on to say that he thought he fell short in that department. There’s no question he loves his wife, he just self-admittedly, has trouble expressing it as well as she does. I shared with him a small, practical thing I do in order to show the people in my life that I love them. For years I have signed greeting cards with a simple drawing of a heart followed by a period rather than the more commonplace Love followed by a comma. There happened to be a pen and paper so I quickly showed him. That is absolutely brilliant! You need to get this out there, people need this in their  lives! This is what you are meant to do with your life, was his unexpected and enthusiastic response. Keep in mind that Jay spends the bulk of his time traveling the country inspiring people as a motivational speaker. The man is good at his job. He convinced me that perhaps I was actually onto something and should, in his words, get this out there, people need this in their lives!

And so there you have it, what began as a simple rendering on greeting cards is now live love period. Our hope is that this message inspires and motivates you to show unconditional love to the people in your life. And as Jay said when I told him I was leaving my current job to pursue live love period full-time, don’t thank me…and don’t blame me.