Discover the Real John C. McGinley

It is with great sentimentality that I watch the current Halls Triple Action Cough Drops commercial featuring acclaimed actor John C. McGinley. Thanks in part to my friendship with a location scout, I had the distinct privilege of spending an afternoon with Mr. McGinley during the filming of the 2012 movie, The Discoverers. A few scenes happened to be shooting in the town where I live. My friend Amy was scouting locations and she thought my home church would be perfect for base-camp. I managed to convince the Sr. Pastor, who just so happened to be my husband, that this was a good idea. During the day’s shoot, in lieu of dressing rooms, each actor was given an office in which to hang-out. Since John was the principal actor of the day he was awarded the corner office, aka, my husband’s. I was an admirer of John’s work, most notably that of the acerbic Dr. Perry Cox on the hit medical comedy Scrubs. He played his character to such perfection that I assumed he must be just like him in real life. After a brief introduction, I ushered John to his ‘dressing room.’ As he settled in, I busied myself in the outer office. Within seconds I was summoned back with the shout of Hey church lady, what’s the password for the computer? As I told him the password he invited me to sit for a chat as there is notoriously long amounts of idle time on movie sets. We made fast and easy conversation. He complimented me on the pictures of my family that were strewn about the office. As he shared pictures of his family, I cooed over his sweet baby-girl, Billie and couldn’t help but comment on Nicole, his striking yoga-instructor wife by asking, how did you get someone so hot to marry you? In his signature deadpan style, he replied, I have a lot of money. But it wasn’t until he showed me a picture of his beautiful son Max that we were both quiet for the first time since meeting each other. It was evident that this lively, adored and fun-loving boy carries the label of Down Syndrome. I then asked John if he would like to see my favorite room in the building. As we walked into The Rainbow Room I explained that this room was used every Sunday morning for our children with special needs. It is staffed with loving care-givers, overflows with toys and tricks of the trade and oozes comfort and acceptance. He silently walked to the center of the room and did a slow 360. He looked at me while fighting back tears and in a barely audible whisper said, This. Is. Good. And as I fought back tears of my own, I realized I was right all along, John McGinley is just like Perry Cox. Because like his famed character, underneath his real-life razor sharp wit I discovered a heart of pure gold.